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Oil Supply and Refinery considerations...
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Diesel fuel currently is being treated like a "premium" fuel over gasoline and other fuels primarily due to:

  • Refinery capacity shortages to refine an abundance of crude oil
  • Refinery cracking methods yielding alamingly low percentages of Diesel
  • Incredibly high and increased exportation of raw Diesel fuel to other countries (Europe)
  • The refining of Diesel fuel to Ultra Low Sulfer Fuel, enabled the export market

  • Solutions to the above mentioned problems?

  • Increase amount of refineries, build new equipment (Government Stimulus).
  • Allow building of refineries by limiting the EPA's involvement in such an undertaking
  • Only allow building of refineries that use cracking methods that yield larger %'s of Diesel.
  • Allow new refineries to be owned by new businesses!
  • Greatly reduce or remove exportation of distillates to other countries.

  • Domestic Oil Production Ramp Up!

  • Domestic Oil production needs to be increased
  • Domestic oil produced in the USA should under no circumstances be expored!